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What Happened to Tom and His Coffee Shop on Big Little Lies?

This season on Big Little Lies, some viewers have noticed that the Monterey Five have taken their coffee business to a brand new location and that the former location's owner, Tom, is nowhere to be seen.

As for the new coffee shop, the answer may be as simple as the new director of this season (Andrea Arnold) wanting a new change of scenery. The Blue Blues Cafe of Season 1 was shot on a sound stage in LA but was inspired by/recreated from a real coffee shop called Paluca Trattoria that Season 1 director Jean-Marc Vallee liked to frequent (and still does).

“If it had been the same guy, I’m guessing he probably would’ve used our place again,” speculates owner Ashley Tedesco, “because he’s come back since and brought his girlfriend to hang out and eat. [Jean-Marc Vallee] would come over to our place and just hang out in the mornings and have coffee and come and have lunch [...] and he just sort of chatted with my husband, who’s the co-owner. He’s there every day. They sort of hit it off and that’s how it came to be, just on the fly [...] There was nothing from our end stopping them from using it, they just chose to do something a little different."



And as for Joseph Cross who played Tom? While it's not known why he's not back for the second season of HBO's hit show, he stayed busy in the interim with two projects -- his directorial debut, Summer Night which comes out this July, and the indie thriller Stay at Conder Beach.

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