Spice Girls play last stadium show @ Wembley, Adele & Emma Stone attend

The Spice Girls 2019 stadium tour have broken records, the ladies have performed for over 700,000 fans in a span of 16 dates. The last date of the Spice World Tour was at Wembley Stadium, which they last played 21 years ago. Among the hardcore fans that turned up were Adele, Emma Stone and Sam Smith. The tour proved to be a smashing success and revealed a whole bunch of revelations such as lesbian rompes and Geri apologizing for being a 'brat' and leaving the band. The girls also poked fun at the posh one along the way. This tour was a celebration of the girls and their impact. Adele rightfully called them 'British Legends'. The girls won't probably continue a world tour and are only slated to feature in a animated movie.

Spice Boy Sam Smith

Spice Boy Kavana

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