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10 Times Game of Thrones stole from Lord of the Rings

It’s safe to say that JR Tolkien set the bar incredibly high with his fantasy series The Lord of the Rings. Between the books and movies he really set the standard for the genre and A Song of Ice And Fire author George RR Martin admits to being inspired by his work. But are there some times when his series went from paying tribute to straight up stealing?

Jon Snow = Frodo

The Iron Throne = The One Ring

GRRM: inspired by Tolkien for killing off Gandalf and letting us know that no one is safe. And also brings back said dead character (jon snow)

Jon saying goodbye to his siblings = very similar to Frodo saying goodbye to the Hobbits

Drogon flying off similar to the Eagles saving Sam and Frodo visually

I honestly see GRRM being deeply inspired but the show just basically saying, let's do that and hope no one notices or keep saying it's the same *cough*battle of Winterfell equals Helm's Deep*cough*


Just an excuse for a LotR post
Tags: game of thrones (hbo), lord of the rings / the hobbit
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