Lil Xan under investigation after pulling gun on man at gas station during argument about Tupac

Lil Xan is under investigation for potential assault with a deadly weapon charges after an incident at a gas station.

The situation began when some guy approached Lil Xan and confronted him about the comments he made about Tupac being boring (the ones that made some teens so mad they ran Lil Xan out of a Del Taco last year).

His girlfriend Annie Smith who (according to Lil Xan and also the Instagram of the ultrasound she found on google images of the early stages of a fetus that ended up being a stillborn baby) more than likely faked their recent pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, was with him.

As the video starts, Annie is holding Lil Xan back. She was also driving the car, presumably because of whatever was in Lil Xan's large double-cup.

The man recording calls him a "bitch" and tells him to "do something" so Lil Xan pulls out a gun, tells the guy to "get the fuck out nigga", and starts heading towards his car while pointing the gun at the guy.

He eventually leaves, but not before bragging about how expensive his car is.

22 year old Lil Xan responded to the video becoming public and said that people need to stop picking on kids.