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ONTD ORIGINAL: For Your Consideration: Best Comment (for the first half of) 2019

I did this last year, and we all came to the conclusion that my sense of humor is very different than most of ONTDs.

And now I'm going to subject you to it once again, with some comments you really should consider for Best Comment in our end of the year festivities. When we get to the end of the year, clearly this is just for the first 6.5 months! You've probably laughed at some of these.

While the Tati vs. James Charles with a sprinkling of Patrick Jeffree Star drama has come to a cease-fire, remember; Don't bring a makeup-brush to a vitamin-fight.

Look I can’t believe i have to defend this boy but so far, he is the only one who has released receipts while Tati relied on her “white surburban mother with a van” look to get the world on her side. - surfermedley

It's ABC's world and Constance Wu, like us, is just living in it. After her legendary tantrum earlier this year, some expressed sympathy that she had to film her hit show, "Fresh Off The Boat" for 9 out of 12 months, not leaving time for other, frankly more prestigeous projects.

i work 12 out of 12 months, i think she'll live - colossusx

There are always up and coming stars, and they're usually A) either white men who never make it or B) the children of already famous people. Usually musicians. Strange how musician's offspring gravitate toward music, and actor's offspring go toward being "models" or "rappers".

But what about Lily Collins?


O/T but I saw someone describe Lily Collins as an "up and coming star" last week and I feel like they've been saying that about her for like 10 years. Arrive or don't sis. - corgismiles

What movies do you like watching on air rides? Suggestion: Don't watch "The Killing of A Sacred Deer".

Anytime I download movies before a flight it's always shit like The Killing of a Sacred Deer (so awful omg) and I caught the person next to me reading the subtitles when Colin Farrell was telling his son about jerking off his own father or whatever the fuck and I felt so nasty like SIR I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS GONNA BE LIKE THIS - hazypink
A "Child's Play" reboot is coming out next week, alongside "Toy Story 4". But the devil was in the details, and one person saw them;


They were dead wrong for that Chucky. He really is out here looking like Lil Kim. Bring back the 80s chucky. - cbluechicken

How can being compared to Tom Cruise in terms of doing stunt work be a bad thing? He's 75 and still jumping out of planes. Wasn't he literally hanging out of a plane for the opening scene of the last MI movie? His insurance company must hate him. I wonder how his insurance works. -wanderlost

source; me,  you, and Canva
links to posts are under the quotes.

Tell me what other comments made you laugh, bc I probably missed a ton, especially if they were in pop girl posts.
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