Taylor responds to rumor that she + Katy Perry dress as fries and a burger and kiss in her new video

Earlier today, a clip began to circulate of a podcast from a couple weeks ago where a woman on the podcast said she had a friend who worked on Taylor's next video shoot and he told her that the next music video was going to be pride themed.

Supposedly, Katy dressed as a burger in her met gala burger outfit, Taylor dressed as french fries, and they kiss in the video.

Fans were understandably concerned. One wrote to Taylor on tumblr "hey uhhhh @taylorswift, not to question you but you do know there's a leaked concept that you and katy dress as fries and a burger and kiss. you do know that's dumb right? please tell me you know it's dumb."

Taylor says she knows the difference between allyship and baiting and that anyone trying to twist her "positivity" into something it's not needs to calm down.

ONTD, do you think there's a world where Taylor Swift would ever be the fries to someone else's burger?