Dispatch Exposes YG... Again

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Dispatch tea 

- In 2016 Han Seohee (the woman T.O.P from Big Bang was caught smoking weed with) admitted to police that B.I from Ikon tried to buy weed and 10 tabs of LSD from her. Despite this B.I was never charged or question by the police .

- YG denied dispatch reports said all his employees are drug tested and there was no truth to the story.

- The next day B.I. admitted to it and quit Ikon/YG

- YG scrubbed him from the company faster than you can say "but Seungri"

- Ikon will continue activities on as a 6 person group in July.

- Almost 700k fans have signed a petition to reinstate B.I in Ikon/YG

- Tonight Dispatch reported that Lee Seunghoon of Winner who had previously shaded YG for not having any seniors left *lol*. Contacted Han Seohee, informed her that B.I's drug test was positive, that she was to meet Officer K (A cop on YG's payroll) and asked her to call him. During the call, Han seohee revealed that she was threatened by YG and made to change her statement about B.I. getting drugs from her to him thinking about buying drugs to the police.

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How long before we get Rose's sololololo?

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