Happy Birthday to Everyone's Fav Gemini Twins

Your problematic faves turn 33 today. Let's delve into some facts about them that only a pathetic stan would know!

Mary Kate always thought Ashley was prettier than her.

Interviewer: I'm gonna put you on the spot here. Ashley, I want you to describe Mary Kate.
Ashley: Um, outgoing, smart, talented, she's an amazing cook, she's my best friend, um. I dunno, that's good!
Interview: Okay, Mary Kate, you describe Ashley.
Mary Kate: Okay, you're beautiful. You're gorgeous. And she's smart--
Interviewer: Oh, that's easy for you to say!
Mary Kate: No! Well, are you kidding me? I look in the mirror and I'm like, 'why do you look pretty and I look ugly?', you know?


They have a bond they don't think anyone could wholly grasp.

[ From a New York Minute behind-the-scenes interview in 2004 ]
Mary Kate: I don't think we could do this alone, you know? Traveling and just this whole business thing, so it's always great to have, you know, someone next to you that...
Ashley: You can fall back on. We're kind of just connected. We know eachother's thinking all of the time, pretty much.

Ashley: We're connected and, I mean, we have a close relationship that I couldn't possibly imagine someone else really having.

FIRST SOURCE (video will not embed), SECOND SOURCE

They don't consider themselves singers. At all.

DeGeneres: Who's the better singer?
Ashley: I don't think we're very good singers.
[ Mary Kate says something at the same time as Ashley that OP can't hear. Anyone with an ear for lower sounds; lmk in the comments! ]


If Ashley had a daughter, she wouldn't want her to be in the same industry.

Letterman: Say, if you had a daughter, would you want her working all that hard [like] when you were a kid?
Ashley: I would definitely want her to have a job [as a kid] and I'd want her to understand what it's like to work and how important it is to be something greater than yourself. Um, but... being in this industry or the industry I was brought up in? Probably not.
Letterman: Oh, it's ugly, isn't it?
Ashley: It's pretty ugly.


Mary Kate was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award

She was nominated in 2002 for her work on So Little Time under the Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series category, but lost to LeVar Burton in Reading Rainbow.

Ashley hates the sound of someone eating a banana.

Ashley revealed in a 2005 Much On Demand Special interview that she hates the pasty sound of someone eating a banana. OP is sad that the video is nowhere to be found.
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