Eternally fresh-faced Bianca Lawson talks about her career and Queen Sugar

  • To promote season 4 of Queen Sugar Bianca Lawson did a series of interviews about her career with Complex and Bust

  • Earlier in her career she was too busy hustling for jobs to notice that she was often the only black person on set. Said that it became something she noticed more as she got older and fans told her that she had been their only source of representation growing up

  • She played a teenager on different TV shows for 20 years

  • For awhile she found herself typecast and couldn't book adult roles because people kept telling her she looked too young

  • She enjoys playing Darla, her character on Queen Sugar who is a recovering drug addict, because it's one of the first grown up roles she's had

  • Praises Ava DuVernay for only hiring women directors to work on Queen Sugar and points out how it exposes the hypocrisy of Hollywood where many TV shows claim they can't find any women to hire

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