Neymar's Accuser Reported to the Police... By The Police

Najila Trindade, the model who accused PSG football player Neymar of rape, has been telling media that her apartment was broken into and a tablet with the full video of the second time she met Neymar has been stolen. According to her, the video contained proof that Neymar had assaulted her the day before. The police began an investigation. Neighbors, the doorman, and the building administrator all told the police no burglary happened. A forensic expert team was sent to the apartment, and was only able to detect two sets of fingerprints: Najila's and her maid's. The investigation continues.

When asked on air by a reporter about the forensic team's findings, Najila responded: "Yeah, but the police has been bought, hasn't it, or not, or am I crazy?".

The police were not amused. The police's union, the Association of the State of São Paulo's Chiefs of Police, and even the State's Secretary of Security all wrote statements defending the work of the police chief handling the case, the officers under her, and the forensic experts of the Ricardo Gumbleton Daunt Identification Institute, who did the fingerprint analysis in her case.

One chief of police (not the one on her case) filed a police report against Najila for defamation against the Civil Police of São Paulo as an institution, and particularly against the forensic experts of the RGDII. He was publicly supported in doing so by the police's union and the Association of Chiefs of Police. According to Brazilian law, ascribing someone a fact offensive to their reputation is considered defamation - a crime. In this case, the only defense possible, according to the law, is proving that what you said was true. There will be an investigation.

Meanwhile Najila has found a new lawyer to represent her interests in the Neymar case and in the two investigations she herself is facing (the other is for allegedly threatening her doorman), after her 3 previous lawyers quit.

Today her ex-husband and her former lawyer (the third) gave separate statements to the police saying they've never seen the allegedly stolen tablet.

Neymar is set to give his statement to the police about the alleged rape tomorrow, amid a heavy security scheme.

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