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Sony Drops a Lot of Info About Their Animated Projects at Annecy

Sony Pictures Animation does what DisDon't, and it looks like the trend is continuing.

At Annecy, they dropped a lot of news about their upcoming animated films. Their last one, "Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse" swept the 2019 award circuit.

Their first musical is VIVO, with Lin-Manuel Miranda writing songs, and Rich Moore (Zootopia) as producer, slated for a December 2020 release.

WISH DRAGON is set in modern day Shanghai and will release in China in 2020 (no word about a US date).

Later this year, THE ANGRY BIRDS 2 releases. But the movie I personally am so excited for is 2020's THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES, not only because it's produced by Lord and Miller, but because it's the kind of wacky middle grade book I want to write. Both movies got some footage shown at the festival.

There's a reimagining of THE BOONDOCKS with Sony Pictures Television so let's see how that turns out.

Based upon Anthony Bourdain's graphic novel, HUNGRY GHOSTS is an anthology of foodie-ghost stories, and show a variety of animated styles.

Gennedy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack), is back with BLACK KNIGHT, about a knight who must transform to save his kingdom, and FIXED, an R-rated comedy about a dog who falls in love with the show dog next door, right before he has to be neutered in the morning.

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