DIY FYC (For Your Consideration): Emmy Nominations

Emmy nomination ballots are out now, and the voting period for who will be nominated for the 2019 Emmys has begun. There are a lot of traditional ways that shows and the persons involved are promoted to potential Emmy voters. In LA, various venues host "For Your Consideration" panels, where the cast and creatives of a show assemble to be interviewed by a moderator and talk about why their show is so rad. There are also billboards strewn across the city with quotes about how great shows are, and DVDs sent to the homes of Emmy voters and various influential people.

And in some cases, like in the link above, journalists for pop culture publications champion shows they like that they feel might be (or have historically been) overlooked. In this piece, Vulture writer Kathryn VanArendonk talks about all of the reasons she appreciates the NBC sitcom Superstore, and why there's no other show more deserving of a nomination this year. Several actors from the show retweeted it, including Colton Dunn and Lauren Ash.

But a healthy, well-rounded FYC push takes money, and when there isn't money or motivation to make that happen (or even when there is) the casts and creatives of shows turn to social media for their own DIY FYC campaigns.

Dan Levy, star of Schitt's Creek

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ONTD, what shows/actors/writers/directors would you nominate for Emmys this year? Have you seen any other examples of DIY FYC?