Khloe Kardashian Komes for her Haters with Her "Truth"

Good American Kompton Khloe was tired to not be in the spotligh decided to tell her truth to all her IG followers about her story with Tristan.

ICYM: Khloe started dating Tristan "community dick" Thompson when his ex was still pregnant. He then cheated on Khloe  while pregnant and after the birth of their daughter True with Jordyn Woods.

During the cheating scandal people were quick to point out that Tristan is a cheater but Khloe is no better, since she started fooling around with him while his alleged ex girlfriend was pregnant.

Nobody has been talking about the scandal for a while, but Khloe decided to shine the IG spotlight on the story for whatever reason.

Source: Khloe's IG

ONTD, What do you think? Was there really need for this?  Would you ever start dating a guy whos girl is pregnant?