Cellphone on Quentin Tarantino's Set? You're "Fired"

Timothy Olyphant, who plays James Stacy in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, revealed a very strict rule set by Quentin Tarantino on his set.

“His set is a set unlike anything I have ever been on.”

“Quentin has got no cell phones on set. None. You’re fired. Cell phone? Out, done. No warning, nothin', you’re going home."

He says the purpose of this rule is to keep everyone present. No distractions on social media, talking to an agent, working on another script, etc.

“If you needed to make a phone call, you go out on the street and make a phone call,” said Olyphant.

Do you stare at your phone while in the company of others? Share your convincing excuses as to why you do, ONTD.