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The View: Hot Topic John Dean, Jon Meacham, Tim McGraw, Elaine Welteroth

Hot Topic Watergate’s John Dean Testifies Before the House


Whoopi asks if it’s the right thing to have Dean testify. Sunny says Yes to avoid past becoming prologue. McGahn refused because WH told him not to, so Dean gave 6 parallels between Mueller Report and Nixon investigation (below). Deborah Roberts (?) was guest host, who feels it’s relevant to connect the dots for those too young to remember Watergate or never studied it. Me-again blathered, no1curr.

John Dean Testimony

Warning: It’s 4h21m (!) Link

Dean outlined the six comparisons between Mueller Report and Nixon, which are
[Spoiler (click to open)]
1. Tr/mp wanted Comey to make problems go away for Flynn. Nixon wanted FBI and CIA to not investigate Watergate break in
2. Tr/mp admitted on tv that he fired Comey because of Russia investigation. Nixon fired his AG, deputy AG for refusing to remove Watergate special counsel (eg Saturday Night Massacre)
3. Tr/mp directed McGahn to create a fake paper trail to dispute stories that Tr/mp had ordered McGahn to fire Mueller (McGahn refused to fire Mueller, and refused to create fake paper trail to the contrary). Nixon had Dean write a phony exoneration and sought to influence his (Dean) testimony. /Dean went to jail over his involvement in Watergate/
4. Tr/mp tried to force Lewandowski and Priebus to make Sessions un-recuse himself in Russia investigation. Nixon tried to exert control over Watergate via WH counsel Ehrlichman and DOJ Peterson.
5. Tr/mp dictated a false narrative after news leaked that Junior had met with Russia at Tr/mp Tower. Nixon aides drafted fake press release that burglars weren’t acting on behalf of WH, when Nixon revealed via the tapes that he did know it was false and suspected his AG had approved the break-in.
6. Tr/mp repeatedly dangled the premise of pardons for Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, and Stone in return for their silence. Nixon dangled pardons for witness testimony, which he (Nixon) revealed to Dean he knew it was wrong.
Summary: In both cases, Tr/mp nor Nixon were the masterminds behind the crimes, but knew about, allowed, and enabled them to happen, then lied, and conspired, to cover them up.

Hot Topic Wendy Williams Breaks Down Over Husband Drama


Guest host Deborah talks about how Williams is in the public eye, so it's fair that questions are asked, but at the same time she (Williams) should get sympathy because of what she’s going through. Whoopi talked about the salacious stories of other celebs in comparison. Sunny talks about kids being involved, eg Williams son, and to leave them out of it. Me-again blathered, no1curr.

Tim McGraw, His Hat, and Jon Meacham Talk History Together



Meacham has been a presidential biographer, held previous roles with Random House, Newsweek, and contributes to NYT and Time magazine, and he doesn’t like Tr/mp. Me-again talked about being an intern for Meacham back in the day. Meacham shares a story about a previous Senator McCain campaign era that involved Me-again. No1curr. In a bizarre twist of fate, Meacham partnered with McGraw to co-write the book Songs of America. For music fans (eg protest via song) and history fans (surviving tumultuous times), the book sounds interesting. They emphasize it’s not politically leaning to either side but rather a reflection of times, covering eras spanning over a hundred years.

Jon Meacham on 2020 & Tim McGraw on Marriage to Faith Hill


Meacham talks about 2020, he thinks Tr/mp is like saying Voldemort in that we shouldn’t speak his name. Meacham says the story of America works when we open doors not close doors. Every era of progress is when we included others, and that history honors liberators not captors. McGraw talks about 22 yrs anniversary to Faith Hill, his tip is to shut up and listen.

Elaine Welteroth


Elaine talks about Project Runway and More Than Enough. She’s the youngest, and second black editor in chief of Conde Nast in 107 years history. She gives a rundown on her evolution. /I like her pink suit/

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