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Swamp Thing Could Have Run for 3 Seasons and Led to a Justice League: Dark Spinoff

+ Initial reports that a budgeting error involving tax rebates that the show would have received from North Carolina (where filming took place) might have lead to the cancellation have been dubunked with representatives from NC’s film office stating that that was never the case.
+ DC Universe has been rather quiet about the cancellation, only addressing the news in a community post on the service’s Watchtower forums:
The full 10 episode season of Swamp Thing will continue to air on DC Universe with new episodes released weekly. There are no current plans for a Season 2.
We appreciate there are questions as to why,’ but unfortunately we are not in a position to answer at this time.
And now, the good news: DC Universe continues to develop new shows, new seasons, new stories, more availability, and more platforms. We’ve got a lot of exciting plans for our other shows in the works, and look forward to sharing more in the coming months.

+ James Wan is also confused about the cancellation.

+ One source close to the production said the show had a possible three-season arc with characters spinning off into their own shows. The source used the specific example of a potential Justice League Dark team-up series.
+ Sources also stress that the new leadership at WarnerMedia are very keen on doing more shows in the formulaic style of The CW’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ and less shows like ‘Doom Patrol’ and ‘Swamp Thing.’
+ One source even says that Len Wiseman was hired as director to make the show seem like more of a procedural. This tactic wound up backfiring as Wiseman put his own horror spin on the series, which execs were very displeased with. Certain executives at Warner and AT&T found that they did not care for the direction of the show enough to continue supporting its sizable budget (around $80 million), and decided to stop production the day before episode 11 was supposed to begin shooting in mid-April. A few days after, reshoots began on episodes already filmed. A new ending was written for the season (now series) finale, and production wrapped for good on May 1st.
+ Disney’s upcoming streaming service is said to have spooked WarnerMedia as well.

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