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Neymar's accuser Najila is reported to police for alleged threats; her 3rd lawyer QUITS

Najila went on a highly rated national TV show on Sunday night. She refused to talk about the events in France, and said she wants to be out of the public eye and not give interviews. She considers that there is a plot against her.

Najila: I don't want to talk about it, in this moment I want to retire [from the public eye], I'm very psychologically shaken, from all that happened, all this exposition, my family, my friends... I don't think it's time to talk about this subject, it's time to respect my moment, I'm not well, I took a lot of pills in the last few days, I've been really doped up, I gave statements under pressure, doped up, without eating, so I think in this moment I need a bit of quiet, I need Justice to do its part, and for these speculations to end.

Reporter: When you say "statements under pressure", do you mean to the police?

Najila: No, to interviews that I can't even remember, I was very shaken, I was doped up. I think in this moment it's not good for me to talk and expose myself. I need to recover, I'm not well. I have Panic Syndrome, I can't sleep, can't eat.

Reporter: You haven't been eating?

Najila: No, I spent this past week without eating. I lost 10 kilos [about 22 pounds].

Reporter: You haven't been eating, and you're living on pills?

Najila: Yeah. The day I gave my statement to the police [Friday] was the first day I didn't take pills. First day. Ever since I can't sleep, I don't sleep. Because I'm off meds, I was only sleeping because I was self-medicating. I don't know what's worse, sleeping or being awake.

At one point, she cries.

Najila: I can't handle it, guys. I've had support from my family. It's been hard, you know. It's already enough all that I've been through. People want to take advantage of my pain. They keep following me, following my family. (OP note: news crews have in fact been following her and her family. They've even showed up at her mother's house, where she's no longer staying)

Najila: I've been a victim of more crimes. Someone broke into my apartment, people have been maligning me, inventing things about me. [Reporter asks what kind of things] I don't see much, I've been too doped up this past week, but I've seen that people who don't know me, don't know my story, are talking as if they know me, and they don't. Najila is not the one that's out there. I'm only standing here now because I know who I am, I know the woman I am. I have Panic Syndrome, I can't go out on the street. I can't take care of my son, can't do any of the things I liked, can't work out, can't do anything. I can't handle this. Can't handle doing interviews, can't handle being followed, I can't, I'm suffering. Leave me alone, quiet. Let things work themselves out. Just leave me alone. My family has nothing to do with this. People are following them, as if that would solve anything, and it won't. They're exposing, invading, invading, in a terrible way.

Reporter: Your apartment was burglarized.

Najila: Yes. There are marks on the door, no one's seen it, no one knows, there isn't CCTV.
There's a huge plot against me.

Reporter: And valuable things went missing.

Najila: All my valuables, my son's computer, everything. [OP note: her son's computer is with her ex, according to him and the building's doorman] People are crossing the line with me. I'm not made of iron. I've had all I could take, what more do they want from me? I've had enough trauma. I want to be at peace.

Reporter: What have you been thinking?

Najila: At the moment, nothing. I need to put my thoughts in order. I've taken a lot of pills in the last few days, really a lot. I need to put my head in the right place, I need to stop self-medicating, I need to be well, to breath, I need to deal with all these accusations, calumnies, cursings. All that at once. So in this moment, I need to be recluse, I need to get out of this storm I was put in. I never asked for any of this. I never thought it'd get [this kind of repercussion]. Never. Never imagined this would happen. Getting Panic Syndrome, everyone following me like I was a criminal. I believed the law, I thought my name would be kept secret, I was naive. I trusted the law, secrecy, that's all. I never thought I'd go online and see myself exposed for everyone to see. Never imagined it. That's a crime, isn't it? [My reaction] was to get doped up. I took pills. A lot of pills. Ignored it all and lived on meds. When I woke up, I saw flashes, people saying things about me, my life, my family. And everytime I wanted to get more doped up, because it's all distorted, it's all wrong. All wrong, my life is upside down. I try to scream and no one listens.

When asked about the tablet

Najila: I don't want to talk about it.

Reporter: Why did you decide to publicize that video [of the second encounter]?

Najila: Did I? What video? I haven't seen a video. I don't want to talk about it.

The missing tablet mystery (again)

Najila's second lawyer told the media on Thursday that Najila's apartment had been broken into and the tablet with the video that, according to her, proved Neymar had assaulted her, was stolen. Najila told the media it was her friend/nanny Rosangela that told her about the break-in, but she couldn't remember more details because she was doped up. That same Thursday Najila's ex husband Estivens Alves went to her apartment, in the company of the building's doorman, to pick up clothes and personal objects for his son. After the tablet theft was reported, the doorman went to police and said he saw Estivens take a tablet and a laptop.

However, Estivens said in an interview that we went to the apartment after the break in and that the tablet and laptop belong to his son. "It's my son's, I never saw Najila's tablet, didn't even know it existed and that the possible proof were there". He said she asked him to pick up some things for her since he was going there, including a pink tablet, which he didn't find. Najila confirmed everything to police. Estivens recorded his visit because he knew there had been a break-in (bits of this video have been shown by the media).

Estivens lawyered up and left his son's tablet with the police yesterday. It'll be examined by forensics.

Najila's ex-husband gives interview on national TV

Estivens Alves, who was married for 7 years to Najila and is the father of her son, has already given several interviews to the media. This Sunday he went on a highly rated TV show and confirmed that she stabbed him in the chest in 2014. He said: "Najila has an explosive temperament. She's a difficult person to contain. The way you see how she explodes all of the sudden in that video, that's her". He said she "has a mania about always thinking there's someone conspiring against her".

He told the reporter that he's received threats on social media since this case started. "Some were pretty pathetic, saying that if Neymar didn't play Copa América, I'd be killed. Others were more serious, 'I know where you live if you keep talking. I know your family'".

He says he's not on either Najila's or Neymar's "side".

Doorman reports Najila to police for alleged threats

The doorman at Najila's apartment building, who told police he saw Najila's ex-husband take a tablet from her apartment, went to the police today and filed a report alleging that Najila has threated him.

According to his report, Najila told him: "Your talk is with me, you talked to everyone but me who owns the apartment, I'm here with my brother and a whole bunch of people and you know what's up, it'll be better for you".

The doorman asked the police for protection to ensure his physical safety.

Najila ignores commitment to police to surrender her phone by Monday

Last week, when giving a statement to the police, they requested to keep her phone in order to try to recover the video of the second encounter, which was filmed with it. The phone is supposed to contain other evidence, such as conversations between Najila and her friends soon after the alleged rape, in which she talks about the events.

She refused to give the police her phone then, saying she wanted to back it up first and signed a commitment to give it to them through her lawyer on Monday. Her lawyer was obliged to go to the police on Monday to inform them that she had not given him her mobile. (This was most likely one of the factors that led him to abandon her representation, see below).

Neymar's accuser is dropped by 3rd lawyer

Najila's 3rd lawyer had given a public statement on Friday saying that so far he had not been shown any of the proof Najila told him she had. He said she told him it was all in a safe. He gave her an ultimatum, saying that if she did not show him the evidence she had by Monday, or if the police arrived at the conclusion that there really was no break-in in her apartment, he'd quit her case.

He repeated this ultimatum on Monday itself, saying she had until midnight to show him any of the evidence she claimed she had. However before midnight tonight, he gave an interview on national TV (SBT) saying he was officially no longer her lawyer.

He said Najila told him she had tracked the tablet allegedly stolen from her apartment (which was supposed to contain the full missing video), and that it was in the vicinity of his office, implying he had stolen the tablet. According to him, she accused him of planning the alleged break-in of her apartment.

"I would love to have the tablet because supposedly it contains the video she claims is 7-minutes long, which I don't have. That would be great. I'd be the first to see it and to give it to the police." When asked if maybe she left the tablet in his office the night she gave an interview to SBT there (an interview she herself arranged), he says he doesn't think so and didn't notice a tablet with her. "I believe this video does not exist, or maybe it does and it's not so favourable for her allegations".

"There have been situations which to me seemed strange and which my client can't explain and convince me of their truth. And the professional lawyer-client relationship must be based on trust. I no longer have the trust to stay on this case. I swore to defend and protect my client, but I'll never be a part of anything shady, against the values of honesty, morals and the law.

He also says Rosangela, Najila's friend/maid, lied to the police about a call. When an investigator met her at the entrance of Najila's building, she said she was talking to the lawyer on the phone. However at that time he was at an interview.

Najila: "The police has been bought"

A reporter for SBT called Najila today to ask her about the missing tablet and the fact that the police had only found her own fingerprints and that of her maid's in her apartment. She said "Yeah, but the police has been bought, hasn't it, or not, or am I crazy?"

Neymar is fighting in court to end the investigation about leaking Najila's pictures

Neymar is being investigated on two fronts, one by police in São Paulo about the alleged rape, and another by police in Rio about leaking Najila's intimate pictures on an instagram video. His lawyers' request to suspend the investigation of the leaked pictures was denied by a judge already, who said the investigation must go on, but they have appealed. It was denied again today.

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