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kindness releases a new single and announces new album, 'something like a war'

  • kindness released their latest single, "hard to believe" (feat. jazmine sullivan & sampha)

  • the new album, something like a war, releases on september 6th and features seinabo sey, jazmine sullivan, sampha, robyn, alexandria, cosima, bahamadia, and nadia nair.

  • stream "hard to believe" below:

something like a war tracklist:
"raise up"
"lost without" (feat. seinabo sey)
"softness as a weapon"
"hard to believe" (feat. jazmine sullivan & sampha)
"who you give your heart to" (feat. alexandria)
"samthing’s interlude"
"dreams fall"
"the warning" (feat. robyn)
"cry everything" (feat. robyn)
"no new lies" (feat. cosima)
"something like a war" (feat. bahamadia)
"call it down" (feat. cosima & nadia nair)

(kindess is non-binary; they/them/their pronouns, please)

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ontd, how are you feeling after being blessed by this song? i'm really hoping this inspires jazmine sullivan to release another album. she has been sorely missed.
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