Richard Madden and Amy Adams on Nude Scenes and ‘Acting as Therapy’

Amy Adams and Richard Madden talk about their roles in "Sharp Objects" and "Bodyguard" in Variety's Actors on Actors series.


On playing characters with tension and anxiety

Amy - "I try not to use my experiences. I work really hard not to carry past experiences around with me on a daily basis, so to access them for work feels like I’m trudging into stuff I want to work through. I try to create a space for my characters where I can live and use my relationship with pain or anger or fear or anxiety, but I don’t use my own experiences."


Richard - "I’m very much against actors using acting as therapy, so against it that I've got in my way a lot on jobs where I don't access my own things because I don't want to access it as therapy."

On intimate scenes

Richard - "I always find that there’s something when you’ve not got your clothes on, when you are in bed with someone, there’s a way you speak to each other, there’s a side that you expose that we just couldn’t do if we were both fully dressed in bed. "

ONTD, what do you think of method acting vs the idea of making sure they keep their personal anxieties separate from the character?

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