The Olsen Twins Partied It Up With The Row Staff

[ Their win revealed at 1:15. ]
Mary Kate: Uh...
Ashley: Did you prepare something?
Mary Kate: No. Um, but, thank you, Diane. Thank you, for all of these amazing years. Welcome, Tom, we're happy to have you here. Thank you to the CFDA and everyone on our team that work so hard. And, yeah, this goes out to them and our clients, our customers that keeps us going. Um, anything else?
Ashley: No.
Mary Kate: Okay!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen took home a CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year award, to no one's surprise. The ceremony was held a few days ago and the twins looked cute af.

Here is them getting booed by paparazzi because the twins ignored the hell out of them lmao

The twins took their The Row staff out afterwards to a place called Cowgirl, which is a campy Western-themed bar on Hudson Street.

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