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Joe Biden reverses view on Hyde Amendment+ Regina Hall"The View"

-Today on "The view" the panel talks about Joe Biden reversing his view on the Hyde Amendent.Biden said he could not justify leaving millions of woman without the access to care they need and how he believes healthcare should not be dependant on your zip code.

- Ana says he is at the top and she has higher expections of him as he has been clumsy and says his staff is letting him down. He has made news for stupid things like the Obama friendship bracelet tweet.

- Sunny say he has always struggled with seperating his faith from politics , and she is in the same boat. She notes how the Hyde Amendmen hurts Woc and black woman the most, and how he should have been smarter about his base.

- Meghain says to make the he's failing the moderate vote. He can't out progress the progessives and they will go elsewhere. He's alienating the lane that is easier to beat the president and Alienatiing a lot of moderates and pro lifers liker her and she feels this is shots fired.

- Ana begins to explain why he changed his view. Megahain says she already understood. Ana says she is telling the audience and Meghain says they saw the video clip. Ana goes on to say that Biden was spoken to by advisor Symone Sanders about how it disproportionately targets Woc and black women but it is ok to evolve in your views.

- Meghain says no disrespect, that the Democrats already have Ana's vote and they don't have hers and that he needs moderates and right leaning people sick of the president and it does not matter what the hard left want since he already has their vote. She also says all woman of color are not pro choice, it's 50/50.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

- They speak of Alabama where there is a law giving rapists parental rights.

- Whoopi speaks of a friend who lives there whose body is rejecting her pregnacy and how the friend is glad the fetal heartbeat law is next year since she would not know what she would do. Whoopi wonders about the women next year in the same boat.

- Sunny says she tries to not mix her faith with her politics. She says the current law is more about a distintion without a difference and the bottom line is can a woman have an abortian or not and how most voters are single issue voters.

-Ana says the Iowa caucus goers say abortion is their number one issue. She ask why can't the states use the same measures they use for terminating parental rights like with child neglect or drug use of a parent where usually the standard is not conviction , but that it is highly or more substantanially likly to be true than not.

- Whoopi hopes when thes laws go into place that mental health services will be given to the woman and children affected.

- Whoopi is about to go to a commercial when Meghain says"I don't get to talk? I was wondering if I get to say something? Whoopi tells her "I let yall talk and I say nothing. We have to go to a commercial, if their is more to say or you want to say more, we will come back and say more. Meghain says she's fine.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

- They talk about Gwyneth paltrow living with her husband 4 times a week.

- Whoopi loves it and wants no one in her house long term. You can eat, sleep for a moment, but not live.

-Sunny wonders if Gweyneth is strange or a visionary and says it's probably good for the teenagers.

- Ana had a friend with 6 kids that got married to someone with kids and this man stayed in his home because he did not want to uproot the kids.

- Whoopi says people don't have to be stuck like glue.

- Meghain says this is a rich persons problem as most people don't have two houses.
She does not judge others relationships, as she has polyamorous friends but the rent alone would make her mad.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

- They speak of a woman who cancelled her wedding when her future mother in law asked for 65 more guest to come just two months before the wedding.

- Ana says that's going to be a lot of rough thanksgivings, but the mother in law was wrong.

- Sunny says when you marry someone you marry their family as well, but weddings are expensive.

- Meghain says she's been to many weddings where it was not about love, but putting nice pictures on Instagram. She does not blame the woman, but is happy with her mother in law.

- Whoopi says go to city hall and have a big party afterward.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Regina Hall talks about her movie Shaft.

-She will be hosting the B.E.T awards and is nervous but will be ready.

- She was the Commencementspeaker at Dillard University and got an hoorary doctorate degree and was glad she came before the man that paid off the students loans.

- She says the students probabaly did'nt like her advice. She said she told them that Life does not always go as planned and to be ok with that. Kids think today they should be a ceo by 25 and are depressed if they are not and it takes time to get where you want to be and be patient. Sunny says that's great advice. Regina says the kids will like it in about 15 years.

- Meghain ask Dr. Regina about being on the Hollywood Reporter Queens of comedy cover and Regina says her career took time and she's seeing a broader audience.

- Sunny removes hair from Regina's mic and Regina ask if she likes her wig. Sunny says yes and says she should try them. Whoopi jokes she has had hers for years. Regina says she's never seen one that natural.


-The woman swoon about how handsome original Shaft richard roundtree is. Whoopi says that is a man she can get behind.

- Regina says she had met Jackson once, but knows his wife LaTanya Richardson and says his wife was glad Regina got the role as his love interest.

Shaft opens on June 14 and
B.E.T. awards come on June 23 with Regina hosting


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