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"Eat In with Little Mix" Episode 4: MTV Cribs, a wine elevator and a reigning queen!

  • The final episode of Eat In with Little Mix brought us Leigh-Anne's turn in the kitchen.

  • She can actually cook, so the girls knew that dinner was going to be amazing.

  • The girls arrived at the same time and were received by live music and alcohol, so it was a great start to their night.

  • Leigh's house is huge and Perrie started wondering if her friend had just spent a lot of money in this property or if maybe she hadn't spent enough on hers, because all of them are supposed to make around the same amount of money. It's important to mention that Leigh actually lives with her boyfriend, who is a soccer player, so they probably bought the house together and that's why she lives in a bigger place than the rest of the girls.

  • The house has 5 bedrooms, a cinema, a bar, a wine elevator and many more things.

  • Jesy felt like she was on MTV Cribs while Leigh showed them around her house.

  • Perrie and Jesy kept mentioning how they want to marry Leigh.

  • For entertainment, Leigh hired three girls who would teach them how to twerk. Jade's pants were too tight so she couldn't move much, and Jesy had eaten so much that it was hard to move.

  • Leigh won the competition with a score of 515 out of 120 possible points.

  • When she said that she wasn't expecting to win, she couldn't even contain her laugh. It was obvious since the beginning that she was going to win because the rest of them are useless in the kitchen.

  • The girls agreed that they don't want to do this ever again.

  • Also, Leigh's dog kept snoring and farting during the confessionals part.

Tags: food / food industry, little mix, reality show celebrity
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