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Bat For Lashes to release new music TOMORROW!

Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes, has been teasing her new project for about a week now, announcing the date 10/6 (as Natasha is English, let's hope this means June and not October lol) and posting a series of enigmatic clips backed by some pretty exciting sounding music.

Shazam revealed this song to be the track [Spoiler (click to open)]Kids in the Dark, off the record Lost Girls.

Here are the rest of the videos - I've ordered them not by release date, but by what seems to be the narrative chronology.

Michael's excited to meet his internet (?) gf Nikki for the first time, picking her up at the airport.

Nikki (Natasha sporting a dodgy Aussie accent) and Michael in the car, driving home.

A short, horror-like clip of Nikki following an eerie woman.

Nikki has disappeared. Michael is starting to worry.

Michael hangs up posters looking for Nikki. If you call the number, you hear a clip of him asking if you know where she is.

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Are you excited for more Bat ONTD? Fav Bat for Lashes/Sexwitch track?
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