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Teen ASMR Youtuber Makenna Kelly quits Youtube because her videos are being flagged 'inappropriate'

· 13 y/o ASMR Youtuber Makenna Kelly - who has 1.5 million followers and earns roughly $1k per day - announced that she's quitting Youtube and looking for other platforms as her videos are being flagged "inappropriate" by the website
· Youtube recently deleted one of her videos that featured her eating a honeycomb over concerns that the video could be considered sexual
· Makenna has taken precautions to avoid her videos being flagged, including avoiding certain food, and feels she's been discriminated against due to her age. Youtube has not provided solid guidelines for ASMR creators and deals with flagging videos on an individual basis
· In February, following a report that pedophiles engage with each other on videos featuring children, Youtube blocked comments on most channels that feature minors
· Makenna's mom Nichole Lacy supports her daughter and wants Youtube to tackle their pedophile problem instead of creators. Nichole is helping her daughter find another platform where they won't have to worry about fetishists (lol good luck)

Tags: internet celebrities, viral
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