Kim Kardashian West slammed by victim's mom for trying to free convicted murderer, Kevin Cooper

· In her ongoing battle to help free wrongfully convicted inmates, Kim Kardashian recently met with California death row inmate Kevin Cooper, who was sentenced to death in the 1980s following the home invasion hatchet murders of 4 people, including three children. He was convicted on four counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted murder with the intentional infliction of great bodily injury (an 8 year old boy was injured but survived). Kim believes DNA will exonerate Cooper
· Mary Ann Hughes, mother of 11 year old Chris Hughes who was killed in the attack, says Kim is being used for publicity and there's no denying he's guilty, pointing to evidence which includes an eyewitness account from the 8 year old boy who survived the attack, Josh Ryen. Mary Ann says there's no excuse for the pain Kim is causing in trying to exonerate Cooper
· Cooper's past criminal history includes the rape & kidnapping of an underage girl and two convictions for burglary. In the 1982 he escaped from a psychiatric facility and and the next year escaped from prison in Chino, CA. He was apprehended by authorities in Mexico seven weeks after the murders when a woman in Mexico saw his face on a wanted poster and reported that he had raped her. (Per Newsweek article, Cooper confessed in court to one rape)

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