'Dark Phoenix' Team on a Final Scene Years in the Making

The movie ends with Magneto visiting a retired Xavier in Paris and offering him a home on his island of Genosha while they play a game of chess together. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender filmed the scene on one of their last days on set.

Producer Hutch Parker said "It was imbued with a lot of weight. You could feel the awareness that this was the conclusion of something and their relationship with these characters and our relationship with them and the X-Men. A powerful moment."

Writer-director Simon Kinberg said that "I always saw this as a closing chapter to this set of stories. For me, it had to close with the characters it opened with. When you think back on X-Men: First Class, you started with a young Charles. You started with a young Erik. ... it felt like that we wanted to come full circle with those characters."