Aubrey Plaza interview "Cosmopolitan"

- Aubrey Plaza moved from Queens to L.A. and lived in a Days Inn on Hollywood Blvd.

-She pretended to be a stand up for the film "Funny people" and when she got the part became one for real.

- On the ten year reunion of "Parks and Rec". " It was kind of freaky,because when we were on the air we were always told that we were going to be canceled. It was really fun and we all love each other,It's just the feeling that you can never recreate something that was so perfect.

-On bombing on stage." It's exhilarating because you just have to work through your ego in a way that you don't get to do so often. You really have to take a moment with yourself to just get over it".

-"I have a pretty high tolerance for public humilation. I kind of get off on it or something. It's this sick thing that makes me feel more alive and connected to the world".

"Child's play" comes out June 21

Ontd: Are you a glutton for punishment?