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The "Other" Jonas What Happened To Him?


His 30 seconds of fame appear in the  credits of the documentary saying he's The Jonas Brothers' No.1 fan. "I am their No.1 fan. I know every lyric of every song, I can recite every story of how they were made. I love their music so much." As you can see the 18-year-old "Bonus Jonas," as  referred to by fans of  the Jonas Brothers, barely appears in the documentary.
First, he's talked about when Nick tells the story of "how his mother, despite just giving birth to Frankie, still drove him to New York City and back from New Jersey to be on Broadway. He then appears near the end of the film during a rooftop barbecue scene, in which he's held by his brothers and sisters-in-law for a group picture."

Many fans of become protective of Frankie, and started to show support for him. Other fans shared there dilike for the lack of frankie on Twitter using the hashtag #Justice4Frankie.

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