Miley Cyrus' Black Mirror Episode Reviews and Reactions


Troy Patterson of The New Yorker enjoyed it: "It is no insult to call the episode adolescent. Its makeover montage, in which Ashley Too coaches Rachel through rehearsals for a school talent show, is a key detail of its fond genre parody. “Black Mirror” is at its sharpest in its revisionist considerations of genre, as in “USS Callister,” about a programmer who used his colleagues’ DNA to lock their consciousnesses in a “Star Trek”–type role-playing game."

IndieWire critic Ben Travers missed the point lmao: "This overly cutesy entry feels like the biggest punt of them all. Somewhere buried within the 67-minute episode is a discussion about replacing pop stars with holograms and mining their memories for new marketable material, but the whole thing is so cartoonish it’s impossible to take any aspect seriously."

Vice's Nicole Clark feels that the episode doesn't quite hit the right marks: "For an episode that purports to focus on the nature and exploitations of pop stardom, it raises some interesting points about how celebrity image is a game of puppetry. But ultimately, like a concert that’s just a hologram, it can't quite capture the nature of pop stardom at all."


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