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Neymar's accuser speaks out; video shows HER hitting Neymar

- Neymar's accuser gave up her anonymity and gave an interview to SBT, a different TV network. Her name and picture were already being widely circulated on social media (since Neymar's father had spoken her name on tv), but it was the first time she willingly shared her name and showed her face.

- Since her former lawyer publicly said she was lied on her statement to the police, the police has asked her to return to the station TWICE to answer more questions and clarify things. She and her lawyer have so far not showed up. She was criticised for giving a TV interview instead of giving the police a new statement. The police is considering asking a judge to order her to go to the station for a new statement.

(The full interview is here: 1 2 3 4 5)

"Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza. I'm a regular person, who works, studies. I'm a model, I study interior design, I like sports, work out, dance. I'm a daughter, mother, a regular person."

She says she was a victim of aggression (as in, physical assault) and rape. When asked about why her lawyer said she was only victim of physical assault, not rape, she replied: "He didn't fully believe me. I felt he was being prejudiced. Because he said 'You are going to have to cut your nails, but we'll bring it forward'. What I understood was 'You weren't raped, you fucked him because you wanted to, you went because you wanted to, so I'm just going to ignore that part, I'm going to say physical assault because I have proof of that, you showed me proof of that, the pictures'. And I think he only believed me because he saw the picture that Neymar himself sent me. My photo, where I was bruised".

She confirms that her goal since beginning to speak to Neymar and in going to Paris was to have sex with him. "I went to the hotel and he texted me saying that he was going to a party and would stop by to give me a kiss and say hi before. I had a wish to hook up with Neymar and when I got there everything was great, the texts were good, woo-hoo, I was going to do it. But when he got there, he was aggressive, totally different from the guy I met through texts. Until then, fine. Since I really wanted to hook up with him, I said, ok. I'm going to try to handle this. And we began to exchange caresses, to kiss, and then he undressed me. Until then, it was all consensual. Until then, it was fine. And then he started to hit me. The first few slaps, ok, it was all good. And then it started to hurt me a lot, and I said, 'stop'. I said, clearly, 'stop it, it's hurting me'. And he said, 'I'm sorry, beautiful'. Ok, we continued. Laying down on the bed, etc. I said: 'Did you bring a condom? Because I don't have one'. And he said 'no'. So I said: 'Then nothing is going to happen beyond this, because we can't'. He said nothing, and we continued. Then he turned me around, did the act, and I asked him to stop, and while he was doing the act, he continued to hit me in the ass violently, and then I turned around and left. It was all very fast, a matter of seconds. That's what happened".

When asked when did the consensual relation become rape, she replied: "From the moment he became aggressive, from the moment I asked if he had brought a condom, which I didn't have, and he said no, and I said 'then we can't. Let's just exchange caresses, and continue here'. And he agreed with his silence, that's what I understood. And when he turned me around he started the act. He didn't talk it over with me, didn't say 'I didn't bring it, but I want to have sex'. He stayed silent, so to me he had understood that we were not to go beyond what we were already doing. From the moment he violently held me, without a condom, he was forcing me to stay there".

(OP note: on her original - and so far only - statement to the police, she does not mention anything about a condom or Neymar engaging in sex without a condom.)

"Afterwards, when I left the bed, when I got up and went to the bathroom, I couldn't believe it, it was a disappointment. I was shocked, I couldn't cry, couldn't swear. Couldn't say anything, I was in a state of shock. Then he got up, went to the bathroom, and when he came through one door I left through the other".

When asked why she kept speaking to someone who had raped her: "I had to absorb everything that had happened first. Everything. And, when he left the room, and I began to understand everything that had happened to me, how he was stupid, evil, how he had violated me, I wanted to do justice. Because I don't think that just because I wanted to hook up with him that he had the right to do that. So at first I couldn't react due to the trauma and then, I knew that if I didn't speak to him normally, pretending I didn't understand what had happened to me, he wouldn't speak to me again. I wouldn't be able to prove it had happened".

She also says she knew her lawyer had set up a meeting with Neymar's father but that it was "just to talk about what happened" and she had no expectation of receiving any money and just wants justice. Says she did not know about any attempted extortion but that she was suspicious because her lawyer didn't want her to go to the police. She says she went to the police against her former lawyer's wishes. "I want justice, [Neymar] did me great harm and I'm very traumatized because of it until today. I want him to pay for it. I know what he did to me. It's a matter of honor. He didn't have to do that to me. Didn't have to, I was already there to have sex with him. It was my wish, I'm free and unimpeded".

She confirms that she is in debt (26k reais to her landlord and 4k to her former school) and was served an eviction notice. Says she "wasn't being subject to an eviction suit until her name became public". This is not true as the lawsuit for her late rent contained a request for an eviction order and had been going on for months before this whole thing, she was sentenced by a judge on the day before she went to the police to report the crime.

- There had been talk about a video of the second encounter between Neymar and Najila. This is the day after the alleged rape. The video was in Najila's possession. It leaked tonight and pretty much confirmed exactly what Neymar's father said happened during that encounter.

"Every Breath You Take" by The Police plays in the background and Najila's cell phone is mostly out of view filming everything. We hear when Neymar arrives and there are kissing sounds. They both sound happy to see each other. Neymar lays down, fully clothed, on her bed, and she lays down, fully clothed, on top of him. Since she is wearing pants, it's not possible to see her alleged bruises. He's laughing and saying "Like how?". Suddenly it's possible to hear Najila slap Neymar (apparently on the face). He says "no" and "I don't like that, that's not passion". She says "No? Are you going to hit me? Are you going to hit me?". He says "no, no, I don't like that". She says "No?" He says: "Excuse me", and tries to get up from the bed. Najila then angrily hits him several times. "But I am going to hit YOU! Do you know why I'm going to hit you?" We can see Neymar try to use his phone, but gives up and puts it in his pocket. He throws himself on the bed while saying "No, no, no, not this, calm down, calm down, please". Najila yells "Yes I am going to hit you, because yesterday you [were aggressive towards] me", to which Neymar replies "Where?", she says "You left me here alone". The leak cuts off.

Najila's new lawyer says the full video is 7 minutes long but that he has only seen this bit. And that because of the alleged rape Najila cries compulsively and now lives on pills.

The video leaked during Brazil's friendly game against Qatar. Neymar played only for the first 10 minutes then twisted his ankle, and left the field crying and being carried. He was voted by fans the best player of the game with 41% of the vote. It was largely understood to be a sympathy vote. The president, who was at the game, went to visit him in the hospital.

sources 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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