Sweet niblets! Billy Ray Cyrus Is Going to Perform at the BET Awards

If you thought that this timeline couldn't get any weirder, think again. Billy Ray Cyrus is set to perform alongside Lil Nas X during the 2019 BET Awards on the 23rd June.

Lil Nas has admitted in a recent interview: “I knew for a fact that this song would take me to another level but … I can’t say I knew that it was going to be worldwide or nationwide."

Cyrus added: "When I hear something, I don't necessarily try to define it by what is its musical genre," [...] I say ‘do I relate to that song? Does it feel like my roots?' 'Old Town Road’ was all of me, it was my past, present and future. It had everything that I'd been raised on my whole life - banjo, bluegrass and [a] solid country hook."


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