The View's Sunny Hostin "Some may say children are safer at a Pride Parade then the Catholic Church"

The View's Sunny Hostin:"I Know Jesus Would Be Attending a Gay Pride Parade"

— O The Oprah Magazine (@oprahmagazine) June 4, 2019

-Asuncion Cummings Hostin, professinally known as Sunny Hostin, made some bold statements over an anti LGBTQ tweet.

- Catholic Bishop Thomas Joseph Tobin set off a firestorm of disdain when he tweeted in part that Catholics should not support or attentd LGBTQ Pride Month and that it is especially harmfull to children.

- Hostin tweeted"This practicing Catholic will be supporting and attending LGBTQ Pride events. And so will my Catholic children. You should be ashamed".

- On Monday's show she went further. " My faith has always taught me , "What would Jesus do? And I know Jesus would be attending that Pride Parade. And I know God is love and Jesus is love and love is love. And for a Catholic bishop to come out and say something like that, given the History of Pedophilla in the Catholic church. Given what the Catholic Chirch has hidden about the abuse of children... SOME WOULD SAY BEING AT A PRIDE PARADE WOULD BE MUCH SAFER FOR A CHILD THEN IT HAS BEEN TO BE IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH FOR MANY YEARS.

- The audience applauded and Whoopi Goldberg gave six dings to a bell that sits on the table.

-Sunny Hostin was a federal prosecutor specializing in child sex crimes , and never lost a case. She was given a Special Achievement Award for her successful prosecution of sex offenders.