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I watched the Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness Documentary so you wouldn't have to

  • They had to keep the band being signed to Sony/Columbia secret in their hometown of Wyckoff, New Jersey because the church their father worked at, as a Pastor, would be upset that they weren't a Christian band. Their father resigned from the church around the same time Sony/Columbia dropped the Jonas Brothers which left them without a home (the church owned the home they lived in). In the doc, the brothers visit their childhood home and church and were told they couldn't go inside or film there which left Joe baffled.

  • Joe was offered to star in Camp Rock and their father was hesitant about splitting the band apart so he suggested that instead of just Joe, they should include the whole band.

  • They talk about how they bonded about girls and how Miley Cyrus was a huge influence on Nick's songwriting (alludes that Lovebug is about her)

  • The Jonas Brothers "shut down Time Square in 17 minutes" according to their former bodyguard Big Rob during the midnight release of their 3rd album 'A Little Bit Longer'. The brothers went to Time Squares to buy their album at the Virgin Mega Store like they would do for every album, noting that previous years only 8-30 people would come out before.

  • The boys were afraid of losing everything again that they had a hard time saying 'no' that they were worked to exhaustion.

  • Nick says his biggest regret regarding their career was doing season 2 of their Disney Channel show Jonas because it hurted their growth as musicians. Kevin notes the show wasn't good and not on brand with the band. Joe said that it was very young when they were transitioning to adults.

  • Nick feared his brothers were not as serious about music as he was and was upset that not all of his ideas were being expressed, he branched out and did his own side project Nick Jonas & the Administration

  • The failure of Joe's album Fast Life was utterly disappointing for him because he felt embarrased and that he "couldn't do anything well without his brothers."

  • Kevin embraced the downtime because he was happy to finally settle down with his longtime girlfriend Danielle Deleasa

  • Kevin got offered Married to Jonas on E! and was excited because it was finally something of his. The reality TV show upset his brothers because they didn't want to have anything to do with it because they were afraid of how the public would perceive them.

  • When they got back together after their hiatus, they basically hated each other. The music they were putting out wasn't good. Their tour would have less and less people showing up. They all had different ideas of what the Jonas Brothers were and none of them were happy.

  • Nick confided in his father about how he felt about the band before having the meeting to break up the band. Nick believed his brothers already had an idea that they would break up. Their father said, they had no idea.

  • Joe took the break up the hardest. He broke down in tears confessing that for him, the Jonas Brothers was "all he's known" and it's what he loved doing. The breakup hurt him the most because Nick is his best friend and he loved his brother so much and he couldn't believe that he would be the one that could take that part of his life away from him. Kevin knew the band was over because Joe said to Nick "you want to be done? Fine. We're done".

  • Kevin asked his brothers why they played a Jonas Brothers show without him after they broke up. Nick and Joe made up a lie saying that they were gonna play their own solo music and they couldn't get out of it because the radio station threatened to not play their music anymore. They reassured Kevin they weren't gonna play any Jonas Brothers songs... but they did. Joe said that it's because they believed that Kevin held them back. Kevin confessed that, that incident hurt his feelings.

  • Kevin also said that he didn't see his brothers for Christmas or the Holidays, nor were they talking to him that year when they played that show without him. It wasn't until the birth of his first daughter Alena for him to see his brothers since the broke up.

  • Nick felt like he was a "has been" at 21 after the break up.

  • Kevin said that he'd get back together with his brothers if they'd have fun again.

  • The brothers spent a year traveling together and reconnecting while filming the documentary prior to deciding on getting back together.

Source: YouTube, Prime Video
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