Rose Hanbury was at the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace

  • Rose Hanbury, former friend of Kate Middleton and alleged mistress of Prince William also showed up at the State banquet for Donald Trump

  • According to Lainey the woman beside her is Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine who has repeatedly targeted Meghan Markle in the past

  • Lainey thinks it's interesting that Hanbury and Vine are hanging out especially since it was speculated that so much of the negative press around MM was a distraction from the alleged Hanbury/William affair and Vine has also written really cruel things about Middleton in the past

  • According to Hello Magazine Rose kind of had to be there since her husband has ceremonial rights at state banquets including the right to serve Queen Elizabeth II water before and after a banquet (OP note: what an honour!)

  • At dinner Hanbury was seated close to William and Kate but none of them interacted