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Neymar rape case: new shocking twists

A follow-up to these posts: 1 and 2. This is, um, a lot. Brazilian media is having a field day with this case so here's what happened today for anyone following the case. All under a cut as some of it might be upsetting to some readers.

- Early in the morning a Brazilian web portal reported that 6 days after the alleged rape, the woman asked a stomach doctor in Brazil to give her a physical check up and he wrote a medical report that she had haematomas and thumb prints on her butt cheeks and legs; presented stomach pain, weight loss and anxiety post an emotionally stressful episode.

(OP note: In the whatsapp messages Neymar shared, he sent the woman a picture of herself after they had sex on the 15th - despite the blur you can clearly see that her ass cheeks are very red. However, they joke about it and she says he's still only met the tame version of her)

- Neymar's father admitted that Neymar Jr met the woman for a second time in her hotel room, on the 16th (a day after the alleged rape), because she was insistent. He says Neymar only stayed for about 10 minutes. He alleges Neymar was drunk but, in arriving at the room, saw that the woman had set up her cell phone to film the encounter and realized that he was being set up. He tries to record the conversation but can't as he's too drunk. He alleges the woman tried to assault him, to which Neymar reacted by throwing himself at the bed, and trying to calm her down. He then left the room. The woman is still allegedly in possession of this video, which was not made public yet. Neymar's father says she sent threatening texts to Neymar after this second encounter.

- Tonight, live on the highest rated national news program in Brazil, it was reported that the woman's lawyer quit her defense and is affirming that she is lying about the rape. He says she told him repeatedly the sex was consensual, and that she wanted to sue Neymar only for assault which allegedly happened during the consensual sex, when he allegedly turned violent. He says he agreed to sue for the assault, and that "out of anger or revenge" she is changing her version and lying about the events and he wants nothing to do with her anymore. He also insisted on her settling the matter privately with Neymar's camp while she wanted to go to the police and the media. The woman is now represented by another lawyer.

Fyi the "assault" here that the lawyer preferred to accuse Neymar of was regular physical assault (as in hitting someone). Not sexual assault.

- This former lawyer was the guy who had met with Neymar's father to, allegedly, ask for money to make the case go away without police involvement. Neymar's father says he has witnesses for this, which he is calling extortion. The lawyer admits there was a meeting.

- The woman's new lawyer gave the texts the woman exchanged with her former lawyer to the national news. Here are the translations of the texts that were shown on tv:

[woman] why don't we just throw this at the media and end this pipoqueiro's career? He beat me and raped me
(OP note: "pipoqueiro" means a football player that plays really well in unimportant games and acts like the best but that chickens out and plays badly in major games. It's a term frequently used to refer to Neymar by football fans)
[lawyer] be calm. we'll do that after we report it to the police
[woman] I'm angry, [lawyer's name]. I should have killed him when I had the chance.
[lawyer] he'll be punished. but you have to understand that a fight like that takes a long time
[woman] even if I have to get involved with the guys from the PCC
(OP note: the PCC is the biggest organized crime group in Brazil, like a giant, mutated cartel, with a hand on basically every kind of criminal endeavour possible and has spread to at least 3 continents. They dominate the underworld in the state the woman lives in and are known for having their own "court of crime" where they judge people who have displeased them, including people who have committed "unauthorized crime" in their area, punishing them with gruesome deaths)
[lawyer] don't ever say that, ok?

sources 1 2 3
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