Sephora to Close All Locations on June 5th for Diversity Training

All the stores are closing. For a day.

SZA (Who sung "All The Stars" for the Black Panther soundtrack), called out a store in Calabasas, California, after a staff member thought she was stealing from the store in April;

The company with the 'awesome' (Or so ya'll tell me) annual sales of 10% off gave a platitude and introduced both a re-training day an a new campaign  - "We Belong to Something Beautiful", that celebrates the new-found buzzwords of diversity and inclusion.

Starbucks did something similar last year after someone got a little too comfortable with their anti-black racism.

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IDK if this was post about the initial incident but ya'll like makeup so there you go! ETA: Take these racist stories you have and reply to the CNN tweet. The more eyes you can generate on their foolishness, the better.