ONTD Original: Five male celebrities that just really grind ONTD’s gears: Part I

They’re the complete opposite of ONTD Boyfriends. The men that just the mere mention of their name gets ONTD worked up as a whole. The list could be endless, that’s why I’ve only selected five to start/get the ball rolling. Please keep in mind that this is only part one.

If you feel strongly about someone that should be included in a future post, state your case in the comments.

Here are five male celebrities that just grind ONTD’s gears collectively for various reasons.

Chris Pratt

Posts where ONTD collectively dragged him:
Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are engaged
Chris Pratt gives thanks to police officers on Instagram

Armie Hammer

Posts where ONTD collectively dragged him:
The Rumors Around Armie Hammer Playing Batman Heat up
Armie Hammer Is Mad At Folks For Posting Their Selfies With Stan Lee
Armie Hammer responds to Buzzfeed article pointing out that Armie Hammer is a huge flop

Ansel Elgort

Posts where ONTD collectively dragged him:
Ansel Elgort confused people after posting 17 shirtless selfies on Instagram
Ansel Elgort addresses haters
Ansel Elgort to star in Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story"

Harry Styles

Posts where ONTD collectively dragged him:
Harry Styles Refuses To Hold Up Black Lives Matter Flag At Concert...
Harry Styles is a Thief: An ONTD Original on How Fashion Icon Brandon Flowers was Imitated For Years
Harry Styles is named the most handsome man in the world by scientists

Pete Davidson

Posts where ONTD collectively dragged him:
Pete Davidson is a model now y’all
Pete Davidson thinks it's "so hot" that people were eyeing Ariana Grande inappropriately
Pete Davidson: Porn Stars are terrible people, only there to swallow cum

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