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ONTD original: The texts between Neymar and alleged victim, translated

Follow-up to this post

Brazilian football player Neymar Jr was accused of rape by a Brazilian woman. The alleged crime supposedly occurred in Paris but charges were pressed in Brazil. Neymar released a video of the whatsapp conversations he had with the woman, but since the translations out there are incomplete and/or bad (including the ones on reddit), here is a full translation by OP.

According to him, Neymar divulged this conversation in order to demonstrate that there was consent, and to show that in the messages the woman sent after the rape was alleged to have happened, she was still texting normally. However in his video he also exposed the nudes/bikini/underwear pics of the woman and is being investigated by the police for that in addition to the alleged rape. OP is not including any pictures of the woman and redacted her personal details.

monday - 3/11
[neymar] what's up, fake
[woman] [video in bikini]
[woman] [picture in bikini]
[neymar] ok, now I believe you hahahaha
[woman] [heart emoji]
you are so on edge hahaha
what about you, are you a fake? [thinking emoji]
[neymar] I'm VERY fake
[woman] you must be, because I only met you in my dreams
but it was good hahahaha
[neymar] hahahah
oh yeah? how was it?
[woman] I'll tell you later
and if you like it I'll show you
[neymar] okay, I'll wait
[woman] I like it
2 qualities identified
[neymar] hahahaha
I'm not patient at all
[woman] so here's the deal: I was here doing what I always enjoyed doing, all of the sudden I started thinking about you, and when I realized it I was on my knees. And now you won't leave my fucking thoughts
And all I want is to satisfy you
What a crazy dream...
But I told you I thought normal people were boring
Long story short: I'm a prey, looking for a hunter
But it was just a silly dream.
I want to know more of your qualities...

tuesday - 3/12
[neymar] sweet dreams [fire emoji, devil emoji]
[woman] [sends video of gospel song]
hey, save this. to listen to on hard days
[neymar] amen

thursday - 3/14
[neymar] hiiii
[message sent and deleted by the woman]
[neymar] ?
[woman] hi, reason for my libido
I was working out and thinking of you haha
[neymar] I just finished training
working out? hahaha why?
[woman] good
how is that foot?
because I want to make my ass perfect for you
[neymar] I like that line
my foot is almost good already
[woman] I'm going to kiss it a lot hahaha
you'll like even more the massage I'm going to give you haha
[neymar] there's a better place to kiss haha
I'll see about that
[woman] [heart eyes cat emoji, fire emoji, devil emoji]

friday 3/15
[woman] [nude]
good night, reason for my erotic dreams
[neymar] good night
I miss what we haven't lived yet
[woman] that's a good one [explosion emojis]
[sexy picture of cleavage with "Ney" and a heart written in red ink on her body]
I bet that's from a pagode song
for sure
[neymar] [googly eyes emojis]
[woman] I wonder if you are a fake playing with my heart
[voice message from the woman]
[neymar] HAHAHAHA I like it!!!!
Today is your birthday? HAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS

saturday 3/16
[woman] yes, you!!!
I already asked God...
at least one opportunity to love you
for a whoooooooooole day
thank you
[neymar] hahaha
come to Paris
[woman] I'm going to Germany in April
I'll try to escape to Paris hahah
[neymar] try?
[woman] I'll do it
to see you, I'll drop everything
leave my thoughts for the love of Jahhh
[neymar] why? haha

sunday - 3/17
[woman] celebrating my birthday
my friends went to the after party but I came home haha
saving myself for my love
tomorrow I'm going to wake up early to work out "his" booty
that's all I think about [fire emoji]
[neymar] hahaha right you are!!!

monday 3/18
[woman] will I be able to be myself with you?
[sends video]
[sends video]
[neymar] [3 heart emojis]
[woman] don't share these, please!
[kissing and winking emoji]
[neymar] beautiful thing

wednesday 3/20
[woman] today I just wanted to lie down and cuddle on your chest... fall asleep smelling you and forget the world exists.
I wouldn't ask God for anything else for a good while
[neymar] I'm falling asleep but I wish I was hooking up with you
(OP note: this is meant to be like a pun in Portuguese, imagine something corny like "I'm falling asleep but I wish I was falling on you")
[woman] [sends nude]
[message sent and deleted by the woman]
[neymar] good night
[woman] sleep well [praise hands emoji, kissing emoji]

friday - 3/22
[woman] saving all my love just to GIVE IT TO YOU
(OP note: this is slightly more explicitly sexual in Portuguese)

saturday - 3/23
[neymar] [kissing emoji]

saturday - 4/06
[neymar] when are you coming to see me?
[woman] middle of the year

sunday - 4/07
[woman] if you deserve it
[neymar] alright

friday - 4/19
[2 messages sent and deleted by the woman]

saturday - 4/20
[neymar] hiiiii
[woman] I was just chilling watching netflix, then I started thinking about you and got horny... I have to send you a pic
[neymar] horny good
where's the pic?
[woman] [sends picture]
[neymar] whew niiiiiiice
[woman] I came twice thinking about the black one there (OP note: unclear what black one she's referring to, or if she means that Neymar is the black one?)
it's rough!!
[neymar] you have to satisfy your want
[woman] [sends picture in bikini]
this girl from [Brazilian state, redacted] is saving money for it
maybe you'll come to Brazil first...
[neymar] I can help with that
[woman] I'm a bit proud about this, but I confess I won't be opposed to seing you lol
[neymar] [shrug emoji]
let's do it then
[woman] yayy
I work until the 30th
then I'm free

sunday 4/21
[neymar] 30th of this month?
[woman] yes
[neymar] perfect
[woman] I can hardly wait...

tuesday 4/23
[neymar] hiii
[woman] hiiii reason for my impure thoughts

wednesday 4/24
[neymar] what's up?
[woman] [cut off message]
what about you?

sunday 4/28
[woman] hope you're well bb
wish I was there making love to you and cuddling [kissing emoji]
[neymar] hiii
I'm better
and how are you???
[woman] chill

thursday 5/2
[neymar] can you come see me already?
[woman] yes [heart eyes emoji]
[neymar] you're free?
[woman] yes
what day are you thinking?
[neymar] this week
next one I mean
[woman] cool!
anxious haha

friday 5/3
[neymar] is any day fine?
[woman] yes just tell me the exact day first

saturday 5/4
[neymar] are you coming alone or with a girl friend?
[woman] with a girl friend
[neymar] alright
[woman] actually I'm still setting it up with her
is she can't make it, I'll go by myself

wednesday 5/8
[woman] how I want you...

thursday 5/9
[neymar] me too beautiful

friday 5/10
[woman] nigga, have you thought of a date yet?
so I can get organized
[neymar] I'm waiting for you to tell me, beautiful thing
are you free any day next week?
[woman] from tuesday, yes
[neymar] coming with a friend?
[woman] no. I'm worth 4 women baby. and all 4 want to pleasure you, don't worry...
[neymar] hahahaha
it's not about pleasuring me
it's about you having something to do while I'm off doing my own things
[woman] to me it is [heart eyes emoji] haha
[neymar] obviously we'll have that
but I just worry about you coming here and feeling alone
but since you're fine with it, ok
let's do it
tuesday then
I'll set it up
[woman] I get it.
but my friend is traveling
i'll be fine on my own
thanks [heart emoji]
I've been practicing solitude for years
I'm used to it

saturday 5/11
[neymar] hiii
[woman] I was just thinking about you
[neymar] you good?
[woman] I'm great
[neymar] good too
[woman] I'll give you a nice massage [winking emoji]
[neymar] yaaaaayyyyy
[woman] I just can't promise I'll finish the massage with my hands
[neymar] I hope not
I wasn't counting on hands
[woman] [sends series of pictures]
don't tease me like this from far away, that's evil
[neymar] I really want to fuck you in that position
[woman] exactly like how I was picturing it
[neymar] perfect [googly eye emoji, devil emoji]

friday 5/13
[woman] not long now to kiss your whole body
[neymar] too long, beautiful thing
[woman] [sends picture]
[neymar] oh lorddddd

tuesday 5/14
[woman] [sends video of herself with a baseball bat]
I'm coming bb. now you won't be suspended anymore, let me handle your enemies
[neymar] yayyyyy
beeeeautiful thing
[woman] is someone going to pick me up from the airport?
or do you want me to go somewhere?
[neymar] I'll set it up
[woman] cool!
and then let me know because I'll need proof of lodging to present to immigration

wednesday 5/15 (OP note: this is the date of the alleged rape)
[neymar] did you arrive?
[woman] just now
[neymar] ok
I'm going for practice then I'll call you
[woman] have a nice practice
[neymar] kiss

[neymar] hiiii
[woman] [heart eyes emoji]
[neymar] watcha doing?
[woman] unpacking
eating and dancing
I was sitting down for 12 hours
now I won't even sleep until I leave
[neymar] hahahhaa
I have a birthday party, I'll stop by to give you a kiss before I go ok?
[woman] ok
what time??
[neymar] in 20 min
[woman] gimme 10 so I can shower
[neymar] ok
I'm drinking already
kinda drunk
[woman] wow I want it too
I had to lie down a bit because I got low blood pressure
you can come in
and jump on me
[neymar] hahaha
I'll pay the bill and go
send me your location
[woman] [sends location]
sofitel paris
[neymar] coming

[neymar] [sends nude pic of woman, it appears to have been taken at her hotel room after sex and one side of her ass looks like it was slapped. she appears to be showing off for the camera]
[woman] I'll get you back for that
[neymar] no you won't hahaha
[woman] are you gonna flake out?
there's still 3 of me for you to meet
that was the quiet one
[neymar] oh no
of course we'll have sex again
I hope today hahaha
[woman] I'm going for a walk around town
have a few drinks
[neymar] I left my ring there
[woman] where for God's sake
I'll look for it
don't lose that thing worth millions and ruin our hookup
[neymar] oh no
I found it
[woman] fuck!!!! I tore apart the room
[neymar] hahahah
my bad
[woman] tell me a good place to dance
with real people's music
[neymar] hahaha now?
it's a restaurant
where are you?
[woman] hotel
[neymar] I'm really drunk
[woman] fucking come here
[neymar] where? (OP note: kind of illegible drunk text)
[woman] sofitel
[neymar] good (OP note: kind of illegible drunk text)

thursday 5/16 (OP note: day after the alleged rape)
[woman] nigga, you have to come earlier today
because tomorrow we won't be able to meet
choose a color
[missed call]
are you still drunk?
[rolling eyes emoji]
[neymar] hiiiii
I'm working
[woman] I just arrived at the hotel
I'm leaving tomorrowwww
make 30 minutes for me today
you'll only meet #2
the other 2 I'll save for another time
[winking emoji]
[neymar] hahahaha
as soon as I'm done here I'll give you a call
[woman] ok
I'm going out for a quick walk
because tomorrow I can't anymore
[neymar] cool
I'll see you later
[woman] coming back to the hotel
I'm reaally drunk
[neymar] hahaha how nice
I'm finishing up my treatment
[woman] [sends fully clothed picture]
I'm hereee
I'll take a shower and eat something
bring something so I can give to my son
his name is [redacted]
he's a huge fan of yours
[prayer hands emojis]
[neymar] I'll bring something
[about the picture] too many clothes
[woman] well I was on the street
come take them off
[neymar] I willlllll
[woman] you haven't chosen [a color] yet [eyeroll emoji]
[neymar] white
[woman] I'm killing myself to put on some music
bring wine
I can't order
white wine or rosé
[neymar] rosé
[woman] come quick and finish me!!!!
where r u????
[neymar] getting ready
[woman] I want wine
don't forget the wine
[neymar] which wine?
[woman] any rosé
music box already playing funk
[neymar] hahaha
[message sent and deleted by the woman]
[woman] are you really coming??
[neymar] yes
[woman] I want to meet you
this [woman's name, redacted] still hasn't met you
I'm going to sleep alright??
you won't come and you're messing up by leaving me waiting

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