Deadwood The Movie aired on Friday

Deadwood The Movie aired on Friday, May 31st on HBO, completing the story of the show 13 years later.

Reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive, at the time of this tweet, it was 97% Fresh, now it's already 98%

Hollywood Reporter thought the ending was fitting for the show, that it incites nostalgia but it doesn't come at the expense of the characters or larger story.

Some highlights from the review:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Bullock has matured (even if he still has a violent temper), Al's liver is failing and he's dying, but his way with words is as strong as ever.

* Jane regains her purpose, she rediscovers her skill with a gun and wins back Joanie Stubbs.

* The movie provides grace notes for its characters, but not 'closure'. Swearengen is still alive at the end, even if his days are numbered and Hearst will go back to the Senate and California. It's a fitting way to close, the entire series was about building a society out of lawlessness, so a life goes on ending feels appropriate.

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Did anyone else watch? Were you satisfied or disappointed?