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"The Handmaid's Tale" News

"It’s disgusting to me,” was how Ann Dowd reacted when asked about the abortion restrictions getting passed in states including Georgia, Alabama and Missouri.Dowd told the people signing the anti-abortion bills: Go to church and ask for forgiveness: That’s my advice to all of you who are dying to shut down women’s rights.”

What’s next for Aunt Lydia after she gets literally and figuratively stabbed in the back?
She was stunned by her own lack of awareness. Lydia is pretty instinctual and has a sixth sense for when something’s up, yet she didn’t sense betrayal from her girls. Now Lydia is left to examine what happened. She’s scared and unsure, and she wants to get back on her feet, but the accident was very costly to her.
Do we get to see a new side of Aunt Lydia in Season 3?
We get to see her backstory. We learn something about her past. It makes sense and it adds up. Shooting it was eight of the best days of my life. It was very meaningful and helpful to coming to understand Lydia.
Tell me about Margaret Atwood.
She is one of the most intelligent, sharpest people. She’s way ahead of the game, and I like her tremendously. She’s not shy about identifying who’s wrong.

What’s your view about the abortion restrictions that are currently being passed?
The drama and the sensationalizing from the point of view of the people who want to pass these bills is appalling. I’m enraged about how the situation is being portrayed.


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