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Phoebe Waller-Bridge for British GQ looking amazing,talking about Fleabag, Solo, Bond+ S2 Discussion

-Phoebe Waller Bridge opens up about working on Solo, Fleabag S2, and hits back at critics who say her show is filthy and sexually exposing as she claims it doesn't contain a single nude scene.

[British GQ Pictures]

[British GQ Interview]
British GQ:

On Solo:
She was amazed at the detail/craftsmanship of what goes into making the film. Everyone from cast and crew were energetic about it.

She said the first time going onto the Millennium Falcon was cool, and said that there were crew who would with a press of a button wobble the ship.

On Growing Up as a child:

Said she was a nightmare and she liked school growing up, just didn't like homework.

Her first memory of making someone laugh was when she was seven and remembers her mom laughing.

On Sandra Oh and her Character Eve:

“With Eve, I felt more connected to that character. There were bits of me. I was writing parts with bits of myself and then being able to let that go, actually, when I first spoke to Sandra [Oh] about Eve [the MI5 detective she plays], she had such an immediate connection to the character. She was like, ‘I know who this is.’ And she would talk about her in ways that I’d just end up writing on the wall, being like, ‘That’s her touchstone, her point.'”

On Jodie Comer’s portrayal of Villanelle in “Killing Eve”:

“Villanelle really grew in my mind watching Jodie, because the more playful she got, the more I was like, ‘We can go anywhere with this actress.’ Then she’d start putting on this swagger. Around episode four or five, Jodie just started doing this swagger. I was just like, ‘Where did that come from?’ And I realized it’s when she goes back to Russia, her home country, that she’s got this other personality there. And that really inspired how we wrote the final few acts.”

[THR/NY Times]
The Hollywood Reporter:

Phoebes abs welcome you in:

-For better or for worse, how do you wish you were more like your character?
“It is both, for better and for worse, because I think Fleabag says what she thinks whether it’s to the camera privately or in real life, she says what she really really thinks in the moment and I think I’m still learning how to do that. Writing for me and writing these characters for me is how I do that so I write women who don’t give a shit. Because I’m teaching myself how to be one.”

NY Times:

[That Black Jumpsuit]

[Hot Priest]

[S2 Articles]

[Some Gifs from S2 (Spoilers)]

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Lets discuss Fleabag S2!
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