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Badvertising: The North Face manipulates Wikipedia Pages For Hits; Gets Called Out by Wiki

  • Stooges people are surprised that a company used dishonest tactics to generate hits, clicks, and views.

  • The North Face Brazil hired Leo Burnett Tailor Made to replace various Wikipedia images of outdoor landmarks with images of the same landmarks....but with models wearing their clothes.

  • By using Wikipedia, when people would Google a location, it meant that the images on the popular site would show up first.

Then, they bragged about it, claiming a collaboration with Wikipedia...whose volunteers shut that shit down, because it was a lie.

Wiki took them to task, calling what they did "akin to defacing public property" in violating the trust people have with the site to, y'know, not be advertised to. The North Face apologized.

Er, "Apologized".
People are now calling them out saying "Hey, go donate you assholes. You AND the marketing agency." (The latter of whom has remained silent).

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Tags: internet celebrities, scandal, sports / athletes
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