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Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Mandel do Pod Save America for some reason

  • Jon Favreau thinks the 7th season was the funniest season of the show

  • Tommy Vietor and Jon Favreau did behind the scenes consulting on the 7th season (Selina landing in the wrong airport in Iowa in the season premiere actually happened to Obama and a scene in the finale where Selina steals speech lines also happened between Kerry and Obama)

  • Dave Mandel makes the joke about JLD's cancer being the best thing to happen to the show again and everyone laughs (OP note: Gross)

  • They talk about Selina being a misogynist and JLD says she always played her as a misogynist (OP note: ARGGGGG) although even Dave Mandel doesn't think she started out that way

  • JLD and Mandel namedrop Mitt Romney, Elena Kagen and Anthony Scalia as fans of the show

  • They discuss why people root for Selina even though she's awful (Mandel thinks its because people love JLD, JLD thinks it's because she always gets kicked down and people root for an underdog)

  • JLD likes Pete Buttigieg but can't pronounce his last name

  • JLD talks about being politically active for years and the first time she did canvassing was in Nevada

  • Lovett makes a "Seven seasons and a movie" joke and Mandel and JLD are not interested in it

  • Mandel actually thinks Trump made making Veep exhausting because the writers ransacked their brains for stupid ideas years in advance and then it would come true

  • Mandel thinks that the next big political show will probably be more optimistic and have a West Wing vibe because real life is depressing right now

  • The show has made both Mandel and JLD more politically active

  • Lovett admits he was star struck by JLD and she says she was star struck after meeting Obama

  • The interview takes up the last 40 minutes of the May 30th Pod Save America episode

Tags: #mueller, #veep, podcasts, politics, veep (hbo)

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