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Mtv's "The Real World" returns with 7 new strangers living in one house.

It's time to return to The Real World!

— Entertainment Tonight (@etnow) May 30, 2019

-27 years after its premire episode on MTV, "The Real world" returns on Facebook Watch.

- The show will take place in Atlanta , and topics will include Teen parenthood, Immigration, race,and sexuality.

- The show premires on June 13 on Facebook Watch.

The cast:

-Arley,21- A Daca recipient with a 4 year old. She wanted to go to nursing school but could not due to her Dreamer status.

Dondre, 25- A pan sexual person and proud black Republican.

Justin, 26- Working on his Masters degree in African American studies and is in a long distance romance.

Meagan,23- A Catholic virgin who believes in waiting for marriage.

Tovah,26- A trauma survivor who worked as a caseworker for Child Protective Services. She hopes to open a foster home one day.

Yasmen, 27- A pan sexual feminist who was raised with Christian and Muslium ideals. She works as an art teacher in a youth detention center.

Clint, 28- Wants to see if he can forge a new path away from his family's successful ranch as he has over 100,000 Instagram followers. He was kicked out of school and released from jail at 21 and is still on probation.

Ontd: What was your favorite season/ cast member of the "Real World"


The first 10 minutes of the first original show.


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