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Lena Waithe Wished She 'Would've Done More' About Jason Mitchell's Alleged Sexual Misconduct

“What I wanna do is own that I wish I would’ve handled the situation differently, and I wish I would’ve done more. What I wanna do is own my part in it.”

Waithe appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss Mitchell's misconduct towards women.
She admitted that she wishes she had acted sooner.
She learned of Mitchell's behavior after the first season had concluded.
She hired Floyd, a black woman, and another unnamed WOC to establish different power dynamics on set.
Waithe attempted to have a conversation with Mitchell about his conduct.
Her concern partially stems from the fact that his behavior is a reflection of her.
She doesn't have "the power to fire anyone," given she doesn't own the show.
"People don't understand that," 

Time’s Up praised the women creatives who are accusing actor Jason Mitchell of intimidation and other abuse.

"Everyone deserves a safe, fair and dignified place to work. In this situation, and as always, we stand with the women who have come forward, at great risk to themselves, to bravely tell their stories,” 

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