Elizabeth Warren Appears on 'The View' and More

ONTD fave and 2020 Democratic primary candidate Elizabeth Warren appeared on The View this morning to talk about her presidential bid.

Warren and the co-hosts discuss the Mueller report. Warren says that if Trump were anyone but the president of the United States, he would be in handcuffs and indicted right now. "I read [the report] and I thought, you know I didn’t take an oath to support Donald Trump; I took an oath to support the constitution of the United States. So, Impeachment it is." She agrees with Joy who says yesterday's statements from Mueller really unnerved Trump.

Warren says to look at all the tools available to the president of the United States to obstruct justice. That's why it's important to hold Trump accountable and that there are some issues that are bigger than political convenience.

Meghan tells Warren that she's being shortsighted by refusing to go on Fox News to do a town hall. She says she used to work there and she's not a bad person. Warren defends her decision saying she's open to going to all sorts of places and meeting with all kinds of people but she doesn't want to go on a hate-for-profit scam. Going on Fox News would mean more sales revenue for their advertisers and she doesn't want to contribute to that. Meghan says she's really proud to have worked for Fox News and she doesn't think it's a racist organization.

Warren explains what she would do to protect abortion rights, to bridge the racial wealth gap, to deal with the student loan debt crisis, and more.

Meghan asks about the unfair media coverage between male and female candidates. She thinks the media could do a better job. Whoopi says people can do a better job of demanding what they want to see, as well, "just saying."

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