Ashton Kutcher Testifies Against Suspected Serial Killer Accused of Murdering Woman He Dated

Ashton Kutcher appeared at a Los Angeles court on Wednesday to testify against a suspected serial killer Michael Gargiulo charged with murdering three women, including 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin, back in 2008. Ashton and Ashley were friends at the time.

On the day of her murder, Ashton and Ashley were scheduled to go on a date. Ashton was running late and called to let Ashley know. When he showed up to her apartment, he said she did not answer the door. He said that he looked through a window and noticed it was messy inside, but didn't think much of it. Ashley recently had a party.

"I thought it was odd that the lights were on, I didn't want to be the guy looking through her window. " Ashton said. He said he then noticed what he thought were red wine stains on a carpeted stairway.

Poor Ashley, I hope justice is served and her family is able to get closure.