"The Cult of Suburban Fashion": Leaving LuLaRoe

VICE released their latest short form documentary tackling the subject of LuLaRoe - the suburban fashion work from home success story PYRAMID SCHEME that has taken over your Facebook feed & caused you to avoid DMs/texts from that one high school/college friend or cousin. Now they're involved in multiple lawsuits, as well as accusations of coercing consultants and other tiers of their "employees" to get gastric bypass surgery via a shady clinic in Tijuana on a private group text chat.

Have you or a loved one ever been involved in an MLM or pyramid scheme, ONTD? How did you extricate yourself or are you still deeply involved? *blink twice if you need rescuing* Have you every purchased or sold LuLaRoe leggings? Are they as "buttery-soft" as consultants claim?

I also discovered the podcast "The Dream" within the Youtube comments of the video and will be listening very soon.