BB15's resident racist in now a mommy vlogger

Aaryn Williams is a racist pig

Aaryn Gries has risen from the ashes of her abysmal behavior in BB15 and has reinvented herself as a mommy vlogger/influencer. This absolute shitstain on humanity now goes by Aaryn Williams, has two daughters (Skyla and Adeline) and is pregnant with a third. 330k+ miserable souls follow this white devil around while she doesn't do much besides driving to Starbucks and being a shit parent. She is currently trying to launch her own brand and is in Miami to pick out fabric for that scam.

This ass pimple is getting sponsorships from Hello Fresh and Squarespace, vacationed for free at the Nickelodeon resort in Punta Cana and needs Conair's help to make a bun. As you can see, even if you say the most vile shit on live tv, you can always bounce back if you're a White Woman™! <i>thisisbrandnewinformation.gif</i>

If you don't remember this racist homophobe (and all the other assholes from her season), here are some of her greatest hits on BB15:

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ONTD, do you know any White Women™ who are messy mommies with an ugly past (and probably present and future)?