Dana Carvey Addresses Mike Myers' Stolen Dr. Evil Impression

Dr. Evil, played by Mike Myers in Austin Powers, is an impression of Lorne Michaels.

Mike's impression of Lorne was allegedly based on Dana's impression of Lorne - most notably Dr. Evil's pinky gesture. When asked about it by Howard Stern, this is what Dana says:

[Mike Myers and I have] never really talked about [the Dr. Evil character]. I've talked about it to the therapist and I've basically let it go. [...] Part of Mike's talent is his ability to see things. So for him to pick to pick out Bohemian Rhapsody for Wayne's World was a brilliant thing. And when I finally did the impression for Lorne - and the pinky thing was a made up thing, Lorne doesn't do that - the pinky thing I did do, yes.

Dana also goes on to say that his Lorne Michaels impression was something he initially did behind-the-scenes and he respects and admires Mike Myers, though he has not contacted him about this entire ordeal.